Artists create, and part of the creating process is to challenge oneself. I have been working in oils since graduating from college; the landscape being my primary subject. Twelve years ago I was introduced to the encaustic process, and have finally allowed myself the time to explore the medium in depth.

Being a landscape painter, my first pieces explored nature in wax. As I progressed, I found I was not working with the medium, but trying to control it.

By allowing myself to evolve, my pieces have become more abstract. I build up layers on my surfaces and create depth by fusing each layer individually As the surface heats up the medium becomes liquid and if I desire, I can manipulate it to creating different effects.

As I advance in years, my collective memory has become a strong influence on what I create. I have many stories to tell, my technique and subject change as I translate a time and place onto the surfaces.

Some of my images require an impasto effect, but at the moment I am enjoying the translucency I can get by using less pigment, complicating the colors, and allowing it to all flow together.