This is my new adventure!

Using the palette from my landscapes I am exploring the world of abstract and the encaustic technique. The encaustic method was developed by the ancient Greeks using wax and then applying a heat source to bond the pigment within.

Each piece is inspired by my life’s drama or a time and place. The unfolding of the art is part of the excitement I have been enjoying with this fluid, tactile, spontaneous, and sometimes-uncontrolled medium.

The joyous results are a real learning to release control. The whole process happens with knives, not brushes. During the heating process, when I do all over heating of the surface, a spontaneous flowing of the material takes control…not me. I can then go back and do spot heating where I can have more control. It makes me happy. In this I am also adding figurative elements and collage to tell the story.

I offer a storyline with each image, yet the point of view becomes yours to embrace or the opportunity to make your own.